Tendences for the new adv campaigns FW13

Let’s take a look on the campaigns we’ll see in the next few months on our phones, magazines and billboards. We can summarize these trends in some major categories:
1) dark atmosphere/shades of gray: seems like that gray is living its best moment. We can find shades of this color mixed to dark tones of green, blue and bordeaux. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Proenza Shouler and Elie Saab represent this category.
2) black & white: the eternal allure and charme produced by b&w pictures is still remarked in this season. Black is still one of the winning colour as we can see in the amazing campaigns of Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Chloé, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Jil Sander, Zuhair Muhad and Jean Paul Gaultier.
3) monochromatic campaign: I mean all the advertisement where all is strongly focused on one color. Gucci plays with velvet blue and red, versace with bright yellow (and a beautiful Kate Moss), Fendi with purple (photographed by the artistic director Karl Lagerfield),Stella McCartney with primary and secondary colors, Bottega Veneta with bloody red and Vivienne Westwood with the green of the palm leaves.
4) details and patterns: all the campaigns where the attention is focused on textile patterns or special elements. Here we find Marc by Marc Jacobs and his dresses, Michael Kors with a pied-de-poulet jacket, Kenzo with the funniest and most beautiful campaign of this season, Valentino perfectly inspired by Flemish art, Dolce&Gabbana mixing Sicily soul with byzantine mosaics , Celine, set in an extremely contemporary space and Dior that reinterpretate Art Nouveau décor.
A special mention goes to Chanel, photographed by Karl Lagerfield, which campaign is completely setted in a different way. The reference is the future, which means actually the huge market of China. This is why the space is rappresented by a rounded spaceship, colors are dominated by a superbright white and all the models have oriental features.
















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